E-NEWS | Silicium in the skin: the Silicum Xpertise by EXSYMOL

Our principal Exsymol has placed its year 2021 under the sign of Silicium: a year to share their experience on this particular trace element and its key role in cosmetics.

Exsymol has researched silicon and its role in the human body, particularly the skin, for 50 years: 50 years of studies and experience demonstrating its importance, often very little understood.

The skin adapts to the environment, maintaining comfort and luminosity thanks to its ability to preserve its moisturizing, soothing, firming and elastic properties. To adapt, it relies on known and recognized elements such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and SILICIUM, which through a sophisticated organization ensure the architecture of well-being and beauty. Silicium contributes to the skin's flexibility and resistance.

The main limitation of silicium in topical applications is the penetration of the active molecule. It's use directly extracted from nature offers poor results in terms of cosmetic benefits: its absorption by the skin is not enough to compensate for the natural loss. The interest and benefits of the cosmetic application of silicium is obvious, but to be effective it needs to be converted into a cosmetic technology. This was the beginning of EXSYMOL's high-tech challenge to create biofunXtional silicium!

BiofunXtional silicium represents Exsymol's core technology and is the cornerstone of its cosmetic innovation.
Exsymol has also overcome the chanllenge to use and diversify the biofunXtional silicium in order to satisfy all cosmetic needs. The simple and innovative solution consists in combining silicium with cosmetic molecules of interest, designing silanols with diverse cosmetic activities. Exsymol experts have selected known cosmetic active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, rhamnose, hydroxyproline ...) improving their bioavailability and efficacy thanks to silanol technology. This offers enormous possibilities for the design and development of highly effective cosmetic active ingredients that meet precise personal care needs. 

Throughout this 2021 under the sign of silicium, Exsymol has launched various elements that explain its technology and demonstrate the effectiveness of the actives developed under it. Discover them at or request them from Saequim.

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