Fighting hypersensitive and atopic-prone skin

Eosidin awards
More than 50% of the population suffers from sensitive skin. All type of skins are concerned and this trend towards hypersensitivity will continue to expand, due to the boosting factors present in our environment: weather change, air pollution, allergens and pathogens, indoor pollution, stress…
This can lead to atopic-prone skin, a chronic irritation feeling characterized by dry skin, itching and strong discomfort. As a result, skin barrier function is disrupted and skin immuno-modulation dysregulated.
Eosidin™ is a natural active ingredient, from unripe Citrus unshiu extract, that targets the skin immuno-modulation process triggered by pollutants to efficiently soothe hypersensitive skin and avoid atopic-prone skin condition.
Recognized by its innovation and low environmental footprint, Eosidin™ won the ITEHPEC (In-Cosmetics Latam) Innnovation Award and the Sustainable Ingredient Award (Ecovia).
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