Gold Award
KANNABIA SENSE, Whispering to the microbiota | Vytrus Biotech

Innovative prebiotic ingredient made from Cannabis stem cells, which stimulates the production of oxytocin through the skin, activating the pleasure centers of the brain. This process, respectful of the skin microbiota, induces a better self-perception and positive emotional parameters, leading to a healthier and more radiant skin. A great step forward in the field of Neurocosmetics.
Silver Award
DEOBIOME NONI, Organic deodorant | Vytrus Biotech

Biological deodorant ingredient derived from plant stem cells that effectively reduces body odour and whilst respecting the skin's microbiota sustainably. It is based on a hybrid mechanism of action: plant stem cell culture and a prebiotic cocktail. The active ingredient is available on the market for treatments against body, armpit, foot and scalp odour (roll-on, creams ...) and for formulations to rebalance the microbiota.
Bronze Award
, Safeguarding the matrisome | Clariant Active Ingredients
Active that prevents degradation of skin matrisome and that counteracts the progressive disorganization of the NDE due to aging. The components of the matrisome of the skin nucleus, such as CCN1, collagens and decorin, are very sensitive to the impact of time and UV rays. After four and eight weeks of Prenylium™ application, wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin smoothness improves.
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